Monday, February 9, 2015

Mixed Media Place.........Tags

Hello ! February already ! What is it with getting older and time going faster ? I don't get it but I know I don't like it !   (haha, 3 exclamations and a question in the opening sentence, probably not a good way to start ).
My turn at Mixed Media Place today.
Do you recall our current Creative Gym Challenge, "Intuitive Painting" ? We would love for you to play along, and you can find the details HERE.
Any way, I made some tags for this challenge. Very quickly, without thought or planning, just applied paint, using 3 very different techniques and just let it "happen".
Here's the result.
I love how they turned out, and I guess this is more by "random accident" than "intuitive", with the paint pretty much doing it's own thing. But, for me, it was still an exercise in "letting go".
These little rectangles of colour sat on my desk, for a week or so, until I could leave them naked no longer ! The control freak in me took over. I had to fuss over them and dress them up.

When you have some Finnabair art basics Gel Medium, Modelling Paste, and Texture Paste, Stencils, Mechanicals, Resist Canvas, Glitter and Glass Beads, along with 7 Dots Studio Stamps and Stickers, also sitting on your desk, it's very easy to play "dress ups"
All I've added are fibres, string, cotton, fabric, washi tape and wire. Some flowers, tissue images and a few bits of ephemera.
Finnabair Mechanicals, Glass Beads and Glass Glitter
Finnabair Sun Rise Sun Set Stencil with art basics Modelling Paste and 7 Dots Studio Nature Walk Stamp
Finnabair Checkered Stencil used with art extravagance Texture Paste in Copper Crackle and Finnabair Mechanicals
A complete list of materials can be found HERE at Mixed Media Place blog and can be bought from HERE at the Mixed Media Place Store.

Thank you for visiting today, I hope you have a great week, and whether you work intuitively or with precise planning and intent, may it bring you joy and happiness.
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  1. Oh wow love the way your tags looked naked... but hey they are stunning all dressed up... just love them.. I wish I could be a bit more free with my creations.. just love how these look.. i tend to be a bit too fussy I think.. however having said that.. perhaps if I just stare at these longer I will just channel your freedom and just go for it at my place!!! hehe.. and I am not sure about the time thing either.. I only have 1 child at home and a husband.... and I have no problem filling a day up at all!!! Have a fabulously free week...

  2. Great layering on those tags. I can tell that you had fun "playing dress up." :)

  3. Oh my stars..I LOVE these tags.. You did an amazing job on these my friend. You should be so happy with the way they turned out. They look like they would have been fun to create.


  4. These are just super gorgeous! Love your ability to let go. The addition of fibre and wire makes it so lusciously textural! Thank you for the continuing inspiration!

  5. gorgeous tags, you create so many pretty amazing things :)


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