Monday, October 18, 2010

2 More Dresses......

2 more little dresses for Dress Up 2010. One sort of hippy inspired ( John Lennon would have turned 70 this month). The other is a cocktail dress, Summer is on the way and I'm thinking strawberry daiquiri .

Now hanging in my little cigar box......


  1. Adorable!! Love them both!

  2. Oh Gayle, these are delightful!!!! I love the way you have turned that large flower into a skirt! XXX

  3. These are so wonderful. Your little closet looks almost full.

  4. These are such fun! You are really making great progress. I really like both of them, and they are each so different. I love the patterns you used. They are so different from the original design, something I totally appreciate.

  5. How fun! I could get addicted to these quite easily!

  6. Superb Gayle!! I especially love the black cocktail dress, fab paper and the skirt is inspired! Mx

  7. olá!

    me inspirei noseu vestido de flor
    e fiz um parecido!


  8. Olá Gayle,
    como citei acima (sou eu scrap da ana cristina caldatto)
    foi pelo seu blog que me inspirei a começar a criar vestidos de papel,
    e ontem inaugurei o 1º Blog do assunto Artful paper doll no Brazil para promovermos desafios,
    e espero que me autorize a deixar links do seu blog como referencia,
    abraços carinhosamente
    Ana Cristina Caldatto by doll dress colors


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