Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tea On Tuesday

Today I'm having tea out of a Royal Doulton tea cup. My mother passed on the tea service to me but I have never really used it because I did'nt have a teapot that went with it............ until I found this quirky little gem last week. My tea is from T2 tastea and is called White Monkey,soft,aromatic but not too "flowery". To eat I have an apricot and custard Danish, given to us on Sunday when family came for lunch. It came from the Normanville Bakery, is delicious and the last piece left.......... so down the hatch and onto the hips I guess. If you would like to join us for Tea on Tuesday visit Kimmie at artinredwagons.

and if I was going to your house for tea I would be bringing you a bunch of these......... I think poppies are just the happiest flowers, they always put a smile on my face,cheers.


  1. your tea on tuesday sounds absolutely lovely and I love your photographs, nothing nicer than tea at 4pm in a china cup!

  2. That tea cup is gorgeous. Your mother has good taste. And I got a good laugh out of that tea pot. Love the crown.

    I recently learned that there was both high and low tea and it was named for the tables they were served on. I always thought high tea was for the rich or upper classes in the afternoon, but learned it actually combined an evening meal with tea served at the dinner table, while low tea was for the upper classes who served tea in the afternoon at a coffee or smaller table. Go figure!

    And you can visit me anytime. I would fix tea and put those beautiful poppies in water for both of us to share. Happy Tea Tuesday.

  3. SO lovely popping by for tea Gayle...you set a gorgeous AND royal table :)
    Yum and oh those poppies are a vision!
    Happy T to you!

  4. I love your quirky little teapot! And I'm like, eating the last donut from sunday! Otherwise known as "fat pills" .... Oh well :)

    Happy tea today! Kimmie

  5. Love the tea pot! Your poppies are beautiful... I would welcome them (and you) for tea anytime!

  6. The wine fest is held at a local (Florida) winery that sells only it's own wine.


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